Proud SCOBY daddy and founder Edward Weichelt.

Hobart Soda Co started with Edward Weichelt and his ridiculously sensitive palate. Birthed under the stairs of a sharehouse in 2016, a love child of Edward’s passion for brewing and aversion to elusively named ‘flavours’.

What started as a closeted hobby, grew into a drive to better represent non-alcoholic drinks. To elevate them from sugary second-thoughts, to sensual sips equal to their boozy friends.

Pleasure shouldn’t be guilty.

It should come with communication, support and transparency. We try to do these things well, through simple actions.

By keeping our supply chain short we ensure transparency. We’re proud to source >95% of our ingredients within 100km of our brewery. By doing this, we also ensure more of the money goes to farmers we know care for the land.

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